Major Boost to Marbella Property Market as San Pedro Tunnel Finally Open

Prime Location in Puerto BanusThe Costa del Sol has finally rid itself of the last traffic black spot on its main roads network. On Tuesday night the first cars went through the long awaited San Pedro underpass that replaces the previous sets of traffic lights that held up traffic on the A-7. It is estimated that up to 70,000 vehicles will use the tunnel every day, relieved of the tailbacks that had become par for the course, especially with the avalanche of tourists in the summer months.
This will also have a very positive impact on Marbella properties and property in San Pedro as finally the black mark of the works can be finally removed.
The Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, had the job on Tuesday evening of officially opening the tunnel just in time for one of the busiest weekends of the year in terms of tourist arrivals. She pointed out the “benefits” of the new infrastructure for tourism.
“It’s very important that visitors find it easy to get in and out of the town”, she said adding that she hoped the road would maintain the same high average daily volume of traffic “because that generates wealth and employment, which is what we really need at this time”, she stressed.
The minister did recall that the works had been started by the former socialist minister Magdalena Álvarez, although she stressed that later construction had been interrupted. “The mayor asked me to come and to resume the work and that’s what we did,” she said reminding those present that she had kept her promise that the tunnel would be open before July.
Before the official unveiling of a kilometre marker post, a representative of the construction group gave some details of the mammoth project that is now complete. To sum up: a total cost of 85 million euros; a daily average of 45,000 to 70,000 vehicles; 5.7 million euros on safety measures; three roundabouts and “great difficulties in diverting traffic”.
Mayor Ángeles Muñoz expressed her thanks to the central government. “We know how long this work has taken and that it has been going on right in the centre of San Pedro and I am grateful to the minister for realising from the start that the work had to be completed before the summer”, she said.
Meanwhile Susana Díaz of the socialist Junta de Andalucía, pointed out that it had been “a socialist government’s bid to improve traffic and the transport and communications system on the Costa del Sol that has made this possible”, stating that the tunnel “forms part of the legacy of Magdalena Álvarez, José Blanco and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero”.
As for the local property market and especially Marbella properties this can only benefit the market as whole where in the long term this will only add value to property in Marbella, San Pedro and Guadalmina.


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Prime Location in Puerto BanusInaugurated exactly 42 years ago this month Puerto Banús remains the most sought-after marina location on the Costa del Sol,  and it is Puerto Banús property for sale that boasts the highest price tag.

Located in the district of Marbella, Puerto Banús is the hub of the Costa del Sol, attracting up to 5 million visitors each year and achieving continued property sales.

It is no secret that Spanish house prices have been falling in the past few years and a report from TINSA indicates an average 12.5% decline in April 2012 and 14.3% along the ‘Mediterranean Coast’ a continual but slow decrease from the 2007 market peak.However it is interesting to note that Puerto Banús exists very much in a micro-region all of its own and cannot be generalised by the Mediterranean Coast or Spain statistics. Currently, Puerto Banús property for sale is 121.7% more expensive than other areas within the Málaga province and a staggering 188.7% more expensive than the national average of Spain.


So what has the Puerto Banús property for sale got that makes it so investable and warrant a price tag higher than its neighbours?  Well, Puerto Banús property for sale offers the best of high class recreation imaginable:  A 900 berth marina with multi-million Euro yachts, water-sports, a kilometre of golden sandy beach, the most exclusive designer shops, nine golf courses within a 10 km radius  and the newly completed 17 km beach promenade (connecting Puerto Banús to San Pedro de Alcántara and Marbella). These are all contributing factors that lead to its title as the ‘playground for the rich and famous’ and, as a result, allow it to remain the most sought-after marina destination for both holidaymakers and residents alike.


The luxury began from its very inception when it was opened in May 1970, by none other than Prince Rainier of Monaco and his wife, Grace Kelly.  The developer José Banús’ vision was to create a luxury marina and shopping complex for the Costa del Sol. 42 years on, Puerto Banús continues to grow offering the beauty of a Spanish pueblo coupled with the bounce of a thriving Andalucían city. It has also been declared a Centre of International Tourist Interest and awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Tourism which, of course, fuels the exclusivity of the available Puerto Banús property for sale and rental.  This level of luxury comes at a price above that of its competitors, although it has earned Puerto Banus property for sale good ROIs throughout the area’s development into the chic centre of the Costa del Sol. Much of Banús’ appeal also stems from its accessibility for residential or business purposes. With Málaga Airport just 40 minutes’ drive away, it is suitable for short visits or a second home, as much as it suits for a permanent base. And given that Málaga Airport is mainland Spain’s third largest airport (after commerce based cities, Madrid & Barcelona) and was visited in 2011 by 12.8 million passengers, an increase of 6.3% from 2010 (Aena).Puerto Banús is therefore also an ideal location if you are considering a buy-to rent property investment in Spain, with regards increasing potential to target the tourist industry.

Spanish Hot Properties and its Luxury property company Sundream Estate offers an exclusive selection of property for sale in Puerto Banus,  please contact us for further information.

This article was written by Jenny Seed freelance PR Journallist to Spanish Hot Properties and Sundream Estate

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Tourism, a Key Factor in the Long Term ROI of Marbella Properties

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Marbella became a key international tourism destination in the 1950`s. Since then its appeal has not wavered. An appeal that needs no explanation because the abundance of sunshine, beaches, marinas, golf, culture and a sense of freedom is immediately evident upon arrival.

Whilst many other international destinations continue to report decreasing visitor numbers, the municipality of Marbella proudly registered a twelve per cent increase in overnight stays for summer 2011 (INE). And, of course, when holidays are this good, the natural temptation is to purchase a holiday home that can provide all of the benefits of Marbella’s outdoor lifestyle, combined with a few beloved creature comforts. This is a trend that has certainly been witnessed by many of Marbella’s A-list celebrities over the years.

Famous faces such as Simon Cowell, Dolf Lundgren, Julio Inglesias, Antonio Banderas and Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia currently own Marbella properties. In fact, ever since the days of glamour when Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery first made their purchases of Marbella properties, a steady stream of the world’s elite has followed suit.

Opulence is a central factor of the Marbella way of life. When Piers Morgan recently visited he spoke with a reputable estate agent who observed “’You’ve got some of the richest people on Earth down here, and they will spend whatever it takes to be top dog.”

But, of course, those who choose to holiday in Marbella, live here permanently or just for holidays soon discover that Marbella also has a culture and a kindness that is truly unique to the region.

Nick Stuart adores this eclectic Marbella way of life and that is the reason that he founded Spanish Hot Properties, 5 years ago. “Marbella properties are special, all of them, for the simple fact that they give you access to a part of the world that is both elegant and relaxed. Marbella is vibrant and loud but there are still beachfront locations that are peaceful all year round. A family can come here to holiday or to live and the adults and children can experience things that they can all enjoy together – not many places are so flexible”

Spanish Hot Properties advises all of its clients to invest wisely in these uncertain economic times. When it comes to Marbella properties, never overstretch yourself and always make sure that you use reputable financial and legal services. Choose a location for your Marbella property investment that benefits from this continuous stream of tourism – in some cases rental returns have proved sufficient to cover mortgage repayments! And where there is tourism, there is a future for a good return on that investment.

Marbella has survived the economic highs and lows of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s . This is an international tourism destination that will always remain a favourite with the British, German, Scandinavian and Russian alike.

Spanish Hot Properties is a company that utilises a love for the destination to find the most special Marbella properties for its clients. If you want to speak to a real estate agent who really has the best local advice, speak to Spanish Hot Properties and there Luxury property in Spain division Sundream Estate.

This article was written by Jenny Seed freelance journalist and PR consultant to Spanish Hot Properties and Sundream Estate.

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