Tourism, a Key Factor in the Long Term ROI of Marbella Properties

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Marbella became a key international tourism destination in the 1950`s. Since then its appeal has not wavered. An appeal that needs no explanation because the abundance of sunshine, beaches, marinas, golf, culture and a sense of freedom is immediately evident upon arrival.

Whilst many other international destinations continue to report decreasing visitor numbers, the municipality of Marbella proudly registered a twelve per cent increase in overnight stays for summer 2011 (INE). And, of course, when holidays are this good, the natural temptation is to purchase a holiday home that can provide all of the benefits of Marbella’s outdoor lifestyle, combined with a few beloved creature comforts. This is a trend that has certainly been witnessed by many of Marbella’s A-list celebrities over the years.

Famous faces such as Simon Cowell, Dolf Lundgren, Julio Inglesias, Antonio Banderas and Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia currently own Marbella properties. In fact, ever since the days of glamour when Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery first made their purchases of Marbella properties, a steady stream of the world’s elite has followed suit.

Opulence is a central factor of the Marbella way of life. When Piers Morgan recently visited he spoke with a reputable estate agent who observed “’You’ve got some of the richest people on Earth down here, and they will spend whatever it takes to be top dog.”

But, of course, those who choose to holiday in Marbella, live here permanently or just for holidays soon discover that Marbella also has a culture and a kindness that is truly unique to the region.

Nick Stuart adores this eclectic Marbella way of life and that is the reason that he founded Spanish Hot Properties, 5 years ago. “Marbella properties are special, all of them, for the simple fact that they give you access to a part of the world that is both elegant and relaxed. Marbella is vibrant and loud but there are still beachfront locations that are peaceful all year round. A family can come here to holiday or to live and the adults and children can experience things that they can all enjoy together – not many places are so flexible”

Spanish Hot Properties advises all of its clients to invest wisely in these uncertain economic times. When it comes to Marbella properties, never overstretch yourself and always make sure that you use reputable financial and legal services. Choose a location for your Marbella property investment that benefits from this continuous stream of tourism – in some cases rental returns have proved sufficient to cover mortgage repayments! And where there is tourism, there is a future for a good return on that investment.

Marbella has survived the economic highs and lows of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s . This is an international tourism destination that will always remain a favourite with the British, German, Scandinavian and Russian alike.

Spanish Hot Properties is a company that utilises a love for the destination to find the most special Marbella properties for its clients. If you want to speak to a real estate agent who really has the best local advice, speak to Spanish Hot Properties and there Luxury property in Spain division Sundream Estate.

This article was written by Jenny Seed freelance journalist and PR consultant to Spanish Hot Properties and Sundream Estate.

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